Gather insights from global

consumers with couple of clicks

We streamline the research process in 3 steps:

  • Sourcing the audience
  • Gathering data
  • Analyzing data

Select Your Audience

“Recruit Users From a database of 3.9 Billion individuals”

We source real people from your specific target markets to participate remotely in research sessions.

We utilize:

  • Our own database
  • Data partnerships
  • Digital Footprints
  • Programmatic advertising and ad networks

for sourcing pre-segmented participants.

Choose Your Tool

“When all you have is a Hammer, everything looks like a Nail”

Uservision platform consists 4 main tools to get the most out of your audience remotely:

  • Remote In Depth Interviews
  • Remote Digital Usability Tests
  • Neuro/Implicit Research Games
  • Surveys

Different tools, backed by best practices from design thinking, neuroscience, UX and traditional market research, could be used to to solve different challenges.


“A person never forgets how you made her feel”

Our platform analyzes user emotions and generates personality traits from the biometric data. We leverage AI to create actionable insights from biometric data, personality traits and implicit/explicit user feedback.

The platform automatically reports actionable patterns, clusters, segments and externalities to reveal deeper insights.