Different challenges requires different solutions

We have developed and field tested our tools to gather the right insight remotely

Remote In Depth Interviews

Hear the voice of your customer in an agile manner. Reach out to hyper targeted audiences

Remote Focus Groups

Understand group dynamics, perception and interactions. Observe the tribe behavior.

Remote UX Tests

See and hear your customers as they engage with your mobile or web products.

Implicit Response Tests*

Understand the implicit tendencies and brand associations, observe the key drivers

Metaphor Elicitation*

Use readily available sensory images to stimulate the consumer.


Same old surveys, for the right audience with mobile responsive interface.


Observe how the consumers are engaging with products/services in their natural environment


Observe what the consumers are talking about, their culture, word choice and tribes over digital mediums.

Customer Journey Maps**

Understand different customer flows, bottlenecks, needs and requirements for a product/service

Card Sorting**

Understand how your customers group certain objects/attributes and how they name the groups

Diary Studies**

Ask your customers to keep a diary, or take note of everytime when they interact with a product/service

Longitudinal studies**

Interact with your customers for a longer timeframe.

Remote Eye Tracking**

Track the eye movements of your consumers remotely

Predictive Eye Tracking**

Use machine learning to predict eye movements for an image/website

Digital Ethnography**

Outsource your ethnogrophy efforts to your consumers and let them send photos, videos and relevant material